Harriet Evans – I remember you

Heute mal auf Englisch, weil es um ein englisches Buch geht:

The story is about two friends from childhood: Tess and Adam. They grew up together as door to door neighbours and everyone in their small village (called Langford) used to look at them and smile at those two cute kids who wouldn’t be seen anywhere without the other. It seemed that they were meant to be together.
But everything changes when High School is over. Tess moves to London when she starts college and Adams mother dies. So he stays behind, lives in the house his mother left him and doesn’t really do anything to pursue a career.
A few years later Tess moves back to Langford, the picture-perfect town, to forget about her boyfriend, who finished with her. She gets a job at the university in town, teaching older people (not teens as before) about the Roman history, which includes a trip to Rome.
Adam and Tess are still friends but it seems that there got things in the way and they don’t understand each other anymore as they did before. Tess can’t understand why Adam didn’t move on after the death of his mother. That he still lives in the old house, doing virtually nothing.
But there is a mistery behind all this and it’s got to do with the old lady Leonora Mortmain.

What I really liked was the scene in Rome. I really felt like I was there, together with Tess, looking at all the ancient buildings and falling in love with this handsome guy.
But I have to say that the book is a bit long-winded. With Tess and Adam I thought several times: Do something! Take a grip on life and don’t just follow the everyday stream.
But on the other hand it’s very realistic, right? As human beings we often wonder what would be or could be, but we rarely have the courage to do something about it.
And like Tess and Adam, everyone has to decide what he really wants to do in life and who he wants to be. I could relate to that.

All in all, I think it was a good and well written book.

Der deutsche Titel lautet „Das Glück in deinen Augen“ und erscheint voraussichtlich am 12. September.

Liebste Grüße,


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